August is a time when nature feels tired. Dusty, dried up, exhausted. The blackberries are finishing up and permeate the air with jamlike fragrance. Soon, the bears will realize the pears and apples are ripening. Coyotes traipse through the yard, eyeing the gopher holes and hoping a silly quail will reveal themselves in the brush.

Teazels blooming

Though it’s very thistle-like, the teazel isn’t as prickly or obnoxious. The bees love it, and it has an amusing way of blooming, starting from the middle and working out to either end. I let it grow all over my yard.

Cat Tower

The finished cat sculpture, now installed at my daughter’s house.

Dana and Stuey at the Nevada County Fair

My sculpture of Dana got “Best of Division.” I didn’t look to see if anyone else was in that category, sometimes it’s better not to know. Stuey is voting “People’s Choice” but not enough people agreed with her.

Bedtime Reading for a Brave New World

Not glazed yet. One of the pieces for an October show in Sacramento in Del Paso Heights.

Zombie greenware

I wanted to make a few cannibal pieces, but zombies were more appealing. I am working on a set of three for the aforementioned show in Sacramento.

Rogelio Manzo, Tanatos XV, 72 x 72, Oil and mixed media on canvas 2017

Above is a wonderful artwork by Rogelio Manzo, being used to promote the October show “SKULL” at Artspace 1616, 1616 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento. The show opens October 14, for Second Saturday, with a preview show the prior Thursday. About 25 artists are participating. Should be a fun show.

Eclipse watching

We discovered a straw hat made a good pinhole camera. I don’t think my grandson was too impressed. He’d rather be pushing his dog.

Keep on Trucking