Older but not wiser

This past summer… whew. I’m so glad it’s behind me now. Mostly a lot of literal crap. Lessons? Not really. Just that as far as people are concerned, they’re all about unconcerned selfish motivations. And judging by the way things are going, humanity is not improving anytime soon. A few bright spots here and there, but really it was mostly a personal slog through No Fun Land.

And now, Fall isn’t seeming much better. My pieces for the October show in Sacramento were rejected as not fitting the theme. It was not at all clear, when invited, the theme was so narrow. I will show them locally Saturday, October 14th, as an adjunct to the Saturday market from 9-1pm near the DA office by the park on Union Street, along with some other work.

This is them:

Zombie Apocalypse: A Leg Up
Zombie Apocalypse: Cat Got Your Tongue
Zombie Apocalypse: Give Me a Hand

This one represents the Alt. Right absorption of white polo shirts. The zombies were able to infiltrate easily by wearing the appropriate garb and being brain dead.

My next incarnation will be a sequoia sempervirens. If someone tries to cut me down, I’ll squash them.